Information about AccountantMate


Let's build a high-value community 

Welcome to AccountantMate!  Our passion is to bring people together so access to great advisers no longer relies on hear-say.  AccountantMate is a workplace to request services and post service package offerings with the other members of the platform.

Piece of the pie analogy?

The fixed mindset is wary of their piece of the pie. Our savvy community members a of a Growth mindset. 

Constantly innovating to create whole new offering packages tailored to industries, turnovers, organization size and adviser background. We all know this is inevitable in forming new high value relationships in the digital age where urgency is the new norm.

Why build our community

In the digital era where digital platforms have enhanced the search experiences by slicing through tremendous volumes of data to arrive at just the right options, we no longer can rely on hear-say or old fashioned networks if we are to respond to the rapidly evolving business needs. 

Consider this your community where you can find like-minded business advisers offering specialist work packages to suit YOUR situation, transparent fees.  Any transaction through this community is also backed by a 60 day deferral  protection for your peace of mind. 


  • Clients can simply sign-up and post a job as a client. 
  • To make your post more successful, we have packed in powerful filters that will allow the right adviser to reach out. 
  • Clients can set maximum budgets so there is a reduced change of uncomfortable fee-related conversations after the fact.
  • Advisers can reach out  to invite clients to request their service package. 


If an adviser suggests you to engage outside of this platform, please report this to us using the contact form, or email Only transactions on our platform are protected by a 60 day deferral mechanism. We strive to maintain high ethical standards in this community, so each of us can do our part in improving the standards of transparency, trust, and ethical standards. It is our community that you are also a valued part of.


  • Advisers can simply sign-up and choose a membership package to post a service package offerings as an adviser. 
  • To make your post more successful, we have packed in powerful filters that will allow each fixed-fee service package you post can reach the right audience. These powerful listing features also allow you to price according to your client situation and anticipated work involved based on client type, client revenue, client interest, business size etc... 
  • If you would like to also offer hourly consultations rather than fixed fee packages, we have also created booking features to help you manage upfront.

Say goodbye to a load of admin and chase-ups. 
No more issues with debt collection, invoicing and chase-ups. Accountants waste as much as 10-50% of their fees in on-boarding clients and administrative tasks relating to invoicing, debtor management and enforcement. Rest assured clients can only book when they have already paid! Your fees are deferred for 60 days for client protection. 

Feedback and More information

We would love to hear from you on how to make finding your AccountantMate even easier. Drop us a note anytime using our contact function on the website.